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Geotextile 350

Geotextile Tekspol 350
Geotextile Tekspol 350

Geotextile Tekspol 350

Feedstock materials: polyester fiber

Surface density: 350 gr/m2

Possible roll width: 2m; 2.2 m; 3M; 4.3 m; 6m;

Price for m2
37,30 rub.
Geotextiles thermally bonded T350
Geotextiles thermally bonded T350

Geotextiles thermally bonded T350

Raw material: polypropylene

Surface density: 350 gr / m2

Possible roll width: 2,15 m; 3m; 4,3 m; 6m;

Price for m2
40,00 rub.

What does geotextile 350 mean and where is it used?

Геотекстиль дорнит - в дорожном строительстве

Geotextile 350, in most cases, means its density, i.e. The weight of the geotextile is 350 grams per square meter. If the cloth is woven (geotextile) this parameter will mean breaking characteristics of 350 kN / sq.m. The most common abbreviations are the following types: geotextile IP 350, geotextile PP 350, geotextile PE 350, geotextile IGP 350.

Non-woven fabric (without thermal bonding) geotextile 350 has the following minimum characteristics:

Surface density is 350 g / m2;

Breaking load not less than - 350 N / m;

Elongation at break is 70-130%.

Of course, the characteristics of the geotextile may vary depending on the raw materials used, polypropylene or polyester, and also on the production technology, in this example, the lowest values ​​are shown for secondary raw materials.

Non-woven needle-punched geotextile with a surface density of 350 grams per meter is used in the following areas:

  • To strengthen slopes with a geogrid;
  • As a structural interlayer with gabion structures;
  • Filter for drainage systems and pipes;
  • On sports grounds and football fields;
  • In landscape design;
  • In pedestrian areas;
  • The device of a soft roof;
  • Protection of geomembranes.

Thermal fixed geotextile 350 gr / m2. Use:

  • Parking for trucks;
  • Access roads for heavy transport;
  • Highway and motorway;
  • Runways;
  • Railways;
  • Drains drainage;
  • Drainage systems;
  • Protection against weeds, etc.
  • Protection of foundations;
  • Landfills for disposal of solid waste;
  • Drainage for bulk dams;
  • Protection of geomembranes.

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Geotextile densities:

Additional Information:

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