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The use of geogrids for the construction of roads, strengthening of the ground, slopes

Geo-mapping application

The geogrid serves as a stabilizing element of the road structure, strengthens and strengthens the canvas, preventing the formation of cracks, ruts and "combs" on it, it is resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV rays, groundwater, chemical agents. Increases the life of roads, reduces the cost of repairs. These qualities determine the popularity of using geogrids in laying roads.

Geogrids for construction of highways

Геосетка для армирования асфальтобетонаGrids for asphalt concrete are used to create reinforcing layers, they reinforce the top layers of road clothes from various asphalt concrete. Such geonets are very strong. As a rule, made of fiberglass and impregnated with a special polymer composition, which increases their adhesion to bituminous materials. Designed to extend the period between the repair of the road, improve the quality of the canvas in terms of transport-performance indicators. Laying the geogrid allows you to slow down the appearance of ruts, cracks and other defects on the roads.
Geogrids road for construction of highways

Геосетки для укрепления грунта

Геосетка для укрепления грунтаПрименяются в грунтовых конструкциях, укладываются на слабые основания для усиления их несущей способности, выполняют функцию армирующего слоя, тем самым обеспечивая хорошую общую устойчивость. С помощью геосетки для грунта не только укрепляют слабые грунты перед укладкой дорог, но и создают подпорные конструкции, необходимее для того, чтобы откосы и насыпи обрели должную устойчивость. У сеток для грунта верхний слой представлен ПВХ, а форма ячеек прямоугольная или квадратная.
Геосетки для укрепления грунта

Geogrids for strengthening slopes and embankments

Геосетка для укрепления откосов и насыпейGeogrids for strengthening slopes and embankments reduce the cost of construction by reducing the amount of material necessary for the construction of a solid foundation. The geogrid reduces the unevenness of the sediment and favorably affects the compaction of the lower layers of the embankment. Geosynthetic is used as a separating layer, which prevents the interpenetration of materials from adjacent layers, thus greatly simplifying the laying process, and the loss of spilled soil is reduced.
Geogrids for strengthening slopes and embankments

Geogrids for asphaltic concrete

Геосетки для асфальтобетона

Laying and repair of asphalt pavement will be even more reliable and durable if using special geogrids for asphalt concrete paving. Currently, they are presented in two versions - based on fiberglass or polyester.
Geogrid for asphalt concrete

In addition, geonets are used as a reinforcing component of roads without laying the leveling layer, for patching, for mating two different types of pavements, in order to strengthen the construction with the expansion of roads, reinforce the asphalt-concrete cover, to prevent the appearance of the track, the "comb ", Cracks of different types.  

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