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Geogrid for parking

Today, the geogrid is very popular. It is a polymeric reinforcing material that has a cellular structure. The highest strength of the material is achieved due to the presence of polymer bands fastened in staggered order.

The given material differs a wide enough scope of application: it is used basically for the organization of parking lots, lawns, sidewalks, and also for strengthening unstable soils.

What are the features of the geogrid for parking?

Георешетка выглядит ярко, необычно и достаточно интересно, а ее укладка обойдется вам в разы дешевле, нежели чем укладка асфальтного покрытия.

The most important advantage of this material is that it is distinguished by its high strength, it is achieved due to a special structure. This makes it sufficiently resistant to the effects of petroleum products and all sorts of oils, in part, for this reason, the geogrid for parking is so often used today. At the same time, the grid is environmentally safe.

Using a geogrid for parking will significantly increase the stability of the grass cover to various mechanical loads. As a result, this grille is also indispensable in the arrangement of lawn areas, car parks, pedestrian areas, etc.

Another feature is the aesthetic appeal. The geogrid looks bright, unusual and interesting enough, and its packing will cost you several times cheaper than laying the asphalt pavement.

Through the grate, water simply seeps into the ground, as a result, it is perfectly moistened, and the probability of floods is completely excluded.

What are the mounting features?

The geogrid is laid as follows: first you need to make the main, holding layer. To create this layer, it is recommended to use gravel, because Loads on this layer will be significant, gravel is also able to cope with mechanical influences. The height of the layer should be at least 5 cm.

If the geogrid is stacked to accommodate trails or lawns, it is not necessary to lay the restraining layer. In this case, the geogrid will accept the features of the relief.

The process of editing is quite simple, because the elements are connected to each other as puzzles. This styling technology will allow you to cope with this stage even to someone who has never done this before. With proper installation, the material will last you long enough.

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