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Geogrids in railway construction

Георешетка в железнодорожном строительствеGeosynthetic materials demonstrate rather high efficiency when strengthening a complex railway base. In this area, the mounds and slopes along which the rails pass remain a serious problem. After all, under high pressure, the layers have properties to move around and deform. As a result of deformation, the rails themselves are subject, which causes the closure of sections of roads for the time of repair work. Increasingly, in the field of railway construction, a geogrid is used to improve the strength of bases on a weak ground and ensure the reliability of the railroad track and the long operational life without performing repair work even in conditions of increased operation with rather high loads on the base. The geogrid laid under the rail track effectively reinforces the base and prevents harmful effects of the environment, as well as other external influences. In addition, when performing repairs, the use of geosynthetics reduces the work time to a minimum, which is especially important in traffic.

Properly selected and properly installed volume geogrid, anchored by anchors not only creates a strong armored construction in the railway base, but also allows solving a number of other important tasks. So, geosynthetics, made of environmentally safe polymeric raw materials, contributes to the stable operation of drainage systems, uniform redistribution of load on the canvas. All this provides a longer period of its operation.

Geogrid in railway construction is an excellent alternative to traditional ways of strengthening. With its help, the web tension is reduced and the layer thickness is minimized. As a result, the increased road carrying capacity. With the resulting tension, the grid is transformed into a horizontal-vertical module filled with filler. The main advantages of this reinforcement technology include a high level of reinforcement, ease of installation, non-toxic, resistance to soil, ultraviolet and deformation.

укрепления откоса конуса ж/д путиMost often geosynthetic is used to reinforce the roadbed and strengthen the slope of the railway track cone. Thanks to the geogrid, lateral displacement of the base of the canvas is prevented with simultaneous consolidation and strengthening of the underlying layers of structures. This facilitates the further process of laying the rails and ensuring the stability of the system as a whole.

However, not only the strength and reliability of the construction provides the use of a geogrid. Its use makes it possible to reduce the volume of building materials, which causes a reduction in the cost of repairs or construction.

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