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Geogrid for strengthening and surface drainage

Георешетка для укрепления поверхностного водоотвода

One of the tasks of geogrids is the function of protecting the surface of the drainage ditches, as well as the channels near the culvert from the erosion. Usually, the strengthening of a ditch (cuvette) by a geogrid is most often combined with strengthening a slope. However, the edge parts of the grid in any case are out of the range of the dumping gutters and are securely fixed.

Taking into account the soil-hydrological conditions, vegetative soil with grass seeds, gravel, gravel, concrete mixtures and others, both disconnected mineral and fortified with astringent materials, can be used as a filler for geogrid cells.

When reinforcing the drainage structure, it is recommended to use a geogrid with a relief surface, best of all, perforated, which improves the drainage of atmospheric and groundwater. In places where there is a change in the cross-section profiles of the drainage structures, the anchor carriers must be installed in the edge cells.

With the help of a volumetric geogrid, long-term protection of drainage channels is provided, protection of slopes of canals, banks of rivers, lakes, ponds from collapse, strength and stability of objects are ensured, and their protection against erosion. The use of geosynthetics during the erection of watercourses can significantly save on the volumes of the fillers of the watercourse base and creates an optimal surface for the waterproof layer. Due to the plasticity and flexibility of the grate, the reinforcements created can accurately repeat the configuration of the reinforced drainage channels and channels.

The use of bulk geosynthetic prevents erosion of soil and promotes vegetation growth. With the completion of the formation of the vegetation cover, the geogrid turns into a solid green "carpet" and becomes almost invisible. The channels, banks and channels exposed to the intense influence of water are strengthened so that the lattice modules are stacked layer by layer. Also come with streambeds.

The geogrid allows reducing the amount of consumable building materials and construction time, which is due to the high technological workflow.

As the positive practice of application shows, the geogrid provides long-term protection of the drainage ditch with a given level of rigidity and stability.

In hydraulic engineering geosynthetics plays an important role, as it solves the problems of drainage and waterproofing, stabilization and reinforcement of embankment slopes, as well as riverbeds of watercourses. When choosing the method of strengthening, great value is the price. So, the cost of the geogrid makes it available for any construction and is incommensurable with the financial costs of traditional ways of strengthening.

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