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Strengthening the shores of the pond with a volume geogrid

Укрепление берегов пруда объемной георешеткой

Strengthening of the shore by a geogrid.

The boundaries of the reservoir are subjected to various mechanical influences, which cause erosion of the soil and, as a result, the erosion of the shore. This leads not only to the loss of the outline of the pond, but also to its gradual siltation. The only way to avoid such a process is to strengthen the banks with the help of artificial materials, in particular, the geogrid.

The horizontal-vertical frame, formed as a result of stretching the working plane, is fixed with soil, gravel, concrete, sand or other filler. The reinforcement layer is laid after surface preparation and marking. During the preparatory activities, the territory is cleared of bushes, dry land, debris, the mounds are removed, the pits are filled, the soil is compacted, and so on.

At the next stage, the coastal slope along the perimeter is covered with a geotextile cloth, on top of which a geogrid is placed. As a rule, stacking modules is carried out from the top down. A stretched working plane is fixed to the base with the help of mounting anchors. The spacing between fastening elements should correspond to the size of the cell: for 160x160 - 160 mm; 210x210 - 210 mm; 320x320 - 320 mm. Each subsequent module is placed on the surface close to the previous one. Connect the ribs with either anchors or metal clips. All cells must be securely connected and positioned on the same level. The height of the edge of the geogrid is selected depending on the angle of the coastal slope. For example, if its angle is 10-30 °, the height of the cell should be 100 mm; if - 30-45o, then 150 or 200 mm.

You can lay the filler only after all the working cloth of the geogrid is firmly fixed. Fill each cell with an excess, according to the filler used: ground - up to 50 mm above the edge of the cell; sand quartz - up to 25 mm; concrete - up to 10 mm. After completing the packing, the filler should be carefully compacted, and the remaining excess should be carefully removed. After the work on shore strengthening is completed, the surface of the slope can be sown with grass. Undoubted advantages of the geosynthetic lattice are resistance to aggressive media, ultraviolet, durability, and also environmental friendliness.

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