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Geomembrane for waste disposal

геомембрана для захоронения отходов

The way we will live in 10, 20 and 50 years, depends only on us. It's time to start taking care of the future right now. And the "future" - in the broadest sense of the word, on a global scale. Today the whole world community pays much attention to the problem of waste utilization. This issue is raised not only by environmental activists, "green" movements, but also by politicians, representatives of various industries, businessmen. The quality of our life and the lives of future generations directly depends on a rational approach to the products of processing and waste products.

Environmental safety of any facility can be ensured by creating a competent and effective set of measures (accumulation, storage, disposal) in the sphere of production and consumption wastes. Household and industrial wastes are placed in specially designated areas - landfills, which are already equipped in such a way that leakage of harmful substances in them is minimized. However, the main negative impact on the environment is at the stage of infiltration during the storage of the landfill. And during the entire cycle of accumulation, compaction and disposal of waste, they are a constant source of sewage pollution.

To avoid and prevent the harmful effects of the filtrate, modern landfill sites are designed as multi-layer structures using special screening equipment - a geomembrane for the disposal of waste. They are resistant to aggressive chemical environments, are inert to acids and alkalis, are not susceptible to corrosion. Perfectly tolerate significant temperature changes, without losing its functional qualities during long-term operation in extreme conditions. Geomembranes are not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet rays, since they contain no components or additives that can be subjected to the aging process and deterioration of the quality characteristics of the material. Such screens are wear-resistant, durable, they can not be pierced, they are not afraid even of such immutable satellites of waste disposal sites like insects and rodents. Geomembranes are characterized by elasticity, high coefficient of stretching, flexibility, non-shrinkage. High tensile strength allows them to withstand significant loads and, in addition to anti-filtration, shielding functions, they can also perform reinforcing functions. Membranes have a high coefficient of relative elongation of the material, so they can not be broken, they do not collapse even with very large subsidence deformations. Excellent weldability of the material allows you to quickly perform welded work, creating shielding surfaces of any configuration.

геомембрана для захоронения отходов

The use of the geomembrane allows to protect a layer of soil or soil from the harmful effects of pollutants, reliably protect the environment from toxic and hazardous materials. However, the spectrum of use of antifiltration material is much wider. Geomembranes are used not only in landfills for disposal of waste, but also for the arrangement of storage facilities in agriculture or, for example, as an anti-filtration protection of pavement elements. Excellent waterproofing properties of membranes are used in the construction of industrial pools and artificial water bodies: the surface of the material prevents water from flowing into the ground, and, therefore, it can be used even when working on sandstones and salt marshes.

However, the quality of the material itself does not guarantee reliable protection. The efficiency of the geomembrane largely depends on the competent execution of a complex of design and construction and installation works, and only a systematic approach when using this material can provide the required result.

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