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The use of geomembranes in the context of the creation of artificial reservoirs

Использование геомембран в разрезе создания искусственных водоемов

One of the most popular services in the specialized market for the construction and improvement of suburban real estate is the creation of artificial reservoirs. The speech is about small ponds, picturesque swamps, acting as the main decoration of the landscape design of the cottage, its "visiting card". The process of obtaining artificial reservoirs is inextricably linked with the use of synthetics of a new generation, including geomembranes. What do you need to know about them? This term refers to roll sheets of polymer structure (thickness - from 1 to 1.4 mm), produced mainly from polyethylene. The width of the rolls exceeds 7 meters, the main characteristic of synthetics is its water resistance.

On the modern market, there is a geosynthetics used to equip reservoirs of two kinds. In the first case, we are talking about a product obtained from high density polyethylene, in the second case, low density. The insulating material is available in rolls with a smooth and textured surface. Among its distinctive parameters are:

  • high waterproofing ability;
  • anticorrosive properties;
  • high resistance to most of the existing reagents (product pH - from 0.5 to 14);
  • non-shrinking;
  • decent flexibility;
  • resistance to cracking and other types of damage (with the effect of maximum load, the relative elongation of sheets exceeds 850 percent);
  • tensile strength of sheets - up to 26.2 MPa.
In contact with environments of an aggressive nature (primarily liquids), speech can only be conducted on molecular basis diffusion. To the category of "strengths" geomembranes for water bodies also include:
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations and UV radiation;
  • seismic resistance;
  • the possibility of using geomembranes in all existing climatic zones;
  • an impressive operational resource (in the case of correctly conducted installation, the standard term for the use of synthetics exceeds 90 years).
What you need to know about the advantages of geomembranes made of polyethylene? Among them are:
  • economy (in the case of using a new generation product, the costs of creating and equipping the reservoir can be reduced by an entire order);
  • universality (geosynthetics are used when erecting not only ponds, but also ground barriers, during the engineering preparation of objects for various purposes, when creating landfills for the storage of solid waste);
  • technological adaptability of synthetics (modern geomembranes are distinguished by excellent weldability);
  • environmental friendliness (products are classified as environmentally friendly materials).
Использование геомембран в разрезе создания искусственных водоемовThe high reliability of structures created using geomembranes is due not only to the technical characteristics of the material, but also to the quality of the installation. First of all, pairing separate geosynthetics into a single non-filtering screen. To work on the creation of such a screen, only certified, highly qualified specialists should be allowed - the anti-filtration screen acts as the most important building structure. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the high quality of geomembranes made of high-density or low-density polyethylene or the installation of synthetics is not a guarantee of obtaining reliable and effective output at the output of the structures. The main determining factor is the validity of the adopted design decisions - it is advisable to talk about the geomembrane not as a material (let it be high-tech), but as a technology.