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Geomembrane for arrangement of polygons

Garbage and a variety of household waste accompany humanity throughout its history. But only in our days landfills grow to such an extent that they begin to threaten the nearby cities. With each passing day a new land is allocated to landfills, while the typical service life for a post-Soviet dump site is staggeringly small - only three years. In addition to the unwanted neighborhood and the dangerous proximity of such polygons, there are several other problems. First of all, it is the danger of contamination of groundwater and, accordingly, nearby water bodies. Garbage is stored and tumbled, under the influence of its own severity, as well as a variety of precipitation from it begins to secrete liquid. There is no doubt about the toxic composition of these waters, since anything can happen at the dump, including decaying corpses of animals.

In addition, the danger posed by landfill gases arising from the decomposition of organic waste. Their entry into the atmosphere causes serious damage to the environment, so gases must be captured and burned (a more technological approach involves their transformation into electrical energy). But how to prevent leaks?

Геомембрана для обустройства полигонов

A special geosynthetic material - geomembrane for the polygons - will come to the rescue. With its help, modern landfills for household waste are being equipped. To ensure the waterproofing of soil in landfills, it was very recently necessary to pay a lot of money, and this method was used to ensure environmental safety in foreign countries, and not with us. But progress does not stand still, and now this geosynthetic material is quite available in its home state.

With the help of the geomembrane, reliable protection of the soil of the landfill from penetration of landfill gases and water into the ground is provided. For this corresponds to the property of this material, as absolute water resistance. In addition, the membrane is also characterized by other characteristics that make it possible to consider this material as a real panacea against the harmful spread of landfills. So, this material is very durable, it is quite difficult to damage mechanically or with the help of chemical liquids. The service life of the membrane, especially compared to the "life" of the landfill - is grandiose, since it is as long as 80 years. There is another important advantage: the membrane is absolutely safe for humans and animals, so its use will not have a negative impact on the environment.

геомембрана для полигонов

In addition to isolating the soils from the harmful effects of household waste, the geomembrane can and should be used to make a protective screen on the landfill. It will ensure the ecological cleanliness of this area, as it will reliably cover all waste from getting into the environment. This is done, as a rule, after the landfill is taken out of service. When mounting the protective screen from the geomembrane, it is necessary to take care of the drainage layer, the removal of landfill gas and groundwater in special ponds in advance. At the top of the screen there is a reclamation layer, at least one meter deep, and also about ten centimeters of land for planting grasses and other green plantations. The reclamation layer in turn guarantees frost resistance for the protective shield from the geosynthetic membrane.

Such a method of equipment and subsequent decommissioning of landfills for household waste is the most progressive and meets all the requirements for protecting the environment, natural resources and health of the inhabitants of the nearest settlements.

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