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Geomembrane for highways

The proverb about Russia's two troubles is probably known to everyone. The problem with roads in many respects has arisen because the most part of a road cloth in our country has been put into operation about forty years ago. Naturally, in those days the automobile movement was not so intense. The vast majority of routes in general were designed to allow cars with axle load of about six tons. And if we take into account the fact that according to experts' calculations the intensity of the traffic has increased five-fold, the unfavorable state of some sections of highways becomes quite understandable.

Cracks and gradual destruction of the coating, its shifts under the influence of precipitation and a time factor - all these causes lead to the need for permanent repair of the canvas. However, there is another way to improve the situation on the roads in the country: to use in their construction of modern materials that can significantly increase the durability of the canvas, as well as to reduce all possible repairs in the future. We are talking about the use of geosynthetic materials that have successfully proven themselves in European countries in recent decades.

Геомембрана для автомобильных дорог

On the territory of our country, geosynthetics began to be used not so long ago. However, this short application in the construction industry was enough to understand their effectiveness. They are polymeric materials designed to change the properties of soils, for example, to strengthen them or to reduce the filtration coefficient of too loose soils. In addition, geosynthetics are used as drainage, for draining groundwater from the canvas and to prevent soil erosion. Also on landfills of solid household waste, geosynthetic materials are actively used as an insulating layer, to prevent liquid spilling or the spread of gases. Finally, geosynthetics are called upon to provide waterproofing wherever it is required: from walls and roofs of houses to runways at airports or bridges. In the latter areas, the use of precisely these modern materials makes it possible to ensure the safety of many people and prevent accidents with human casualties. The fact is that most of the bridge structures, as well as road and railroad tracks are erected on loose soils.

Geomembrane for highways is waterproof geosynthetics made from high-density polyethylene. As a rule, it is produced in rolls up to twenty meters wide and is used to increase the carrying capacity of the roadway and reduce its destruction. With the help of the membrane, gently sloping and steep slopes of roads are formed, besides, it prevents the formation of the track on the canvas.

In addition to the obvious advantages of using this material in the construction of roads, we note that it also significantly reduces the costs of their construction. Simple installation and the lack of the need for large amounts of excavator machinery use provide an economic benefit from the application of geomembranes. It is non-toxic and absolutely safe, it will last for about 80 years with faith and truth, and will be strong throughout the life cycle, including tearing or puncturing, and chemical resistance. Well and at last, this material differs absolute water resistance. It is these excellent waterproofing properties of the geomembrane that make it possible to significantly improve the quality and productivity of the construction of highways.

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