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Application of the geomat

Применение геомата

More common ways to combat soil erosion for a long time were steel, wooden fasteners and facing stone, but such methods have already outlived themselves, because they are ineffective and require significant capital investment. Eco-friendly, inexpensive and modern means of braking the erosion process today is considered to be the strengthening of slopes using light, comfortable and, most importantly, reliable geomata. In the modern technological world, the strengthening of the slope with the help of an anti-erosion geomat is considered the most advanced and effective method that prevents the natural destruction of the soil.

Geomatics are three-dimensional water-permeable chaotic structures, consisting of polymeric materials, which are connected together by a thermal method. Due to the three-dimensional structure of the geomata, the top layer of the earth is protected and the roots of the sprouting shoots are fixed. As a result, a single unit is formed, which has considerable resilience to water flows and soil movement.

Геомат на откосах

The aforementioned structures are exploited for the purpose of securing soil parts, root bases of grasses or small plants. Geomatics should be used together with geosciences and geotextiles to increase the strength of slopes. They can be easily installed, so this process does not require specialized personnel.

The advantages of geomatics is that only environmentally friendly raw materials are used for the process of their manufacture, which will make it absolutely impossible to worry about the safety of the material for the environment. It is non-toxic and has neutral chemical properties. Moreover, it can not be influenced by ultraviolet radiation, frost, heat and sharp temperature changes. Since it is fireproof, it is even used for gas stations (cover the slopes of buried tanks). Its lightness, compactness and efficiency of laying can not but rejoice. Thanks to the geomat, it is possible to provide effective strengthening of the shore and the slope, and all because of reliable fixation of elements of the soil layer, roots and seeds of vegetation cover.

The use of the material has already been mentioned, but it should be noted its multi-functionality.

Among other things, this material is used in road construction

  • to strengthen a variety of slopes, depressions and embankments,
  • for landscaping of surfaces,
  • for the construction of sites with a natural plant layer,
  • to strengthen problematic shorelines,
  • for the construction of green roofs and for landscape design.

Using geomatics, you can significantly save money, because the material itself is more or less inexpensive when compared with the costs of regular repair of slopes, restoration of the fertile soil layer, reclamation of land, etc. Since they have a long service life, their use makes it possible to guarantee that there is no annual need for repairs created slopes.

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