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Geomat McMath

Геомат МакМат

Geomat MakMat - geotechnological development from the world-famous European manufacturer Maccaferrri. The product is particularly in demand when strengthening unstable ground structures of natural and artificial origin, as well as in landscaping.

Brief description: a unique volumetric fibrous structure made of polypropylene fibers. The diameter of the yarns from which this fleecy three-dimensional material was created is 0.65 mm. This geo-product can be used for superimposing both a horizontal and inclined profile on the surface, the angle of which does not exceed 65 *.

Assignment of the McMut geomat: the product is used mainly for reinforcing slopes subject to erosion processes, as well as for restoring the vegetation cover of soil structures. McMath is indispensable for the protection of the coastal zone of watercourses that do not have significant erosive activity. Thanks to this geo-product, it became possible to minimize soil losses, in parallel with this, restoring the lost ecosystem.

Features: having a fleecy texture, the McMath geomat absorbs small fractions of the soil, preventing erosion of the upper layers of the soil. The new primer layer formed by the product is an ideal medium for the growth of the root system of plants. Thus, slopes reinforced with geomem are not only strengthened, but also become part of the surrounding ecological environment. The material can be used many times, easy to install and comfortable in transportation, as it comes in compact rolls. Conjugation of the product to the ground surface is carried out by means of special staples. Overlap between adjacent strips of material should be at least 100 mm. When reinforcing the coastal zone (an overlap of 200 mm or more), the roll is rolled in the direction of the current, and when the slope is strengthened, starting from the bottom and upwards.

Areas of use of the McMath geomat

Civil, industrial and landscape construction. Protection of slopes, which are directly affected by torrential rains and mud flows. Creation of an effective soil-retaining coating, which prevents the soil from washing out until the moment of complete restoration of the vegetation cover.

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