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  • Manufacture and sale of geotextiles at wholesale prices!

    Prices for geotextiles depend on the density of the material and on the volume of the supply of the material. In our company are presented both the best brands of geotextiles of Russian and foreign manufacturers, and geotextiles of own production of brand

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  • Production and sale of geogrid at wholesale prices!

    Prices for the geogrid depend on the volume of the material. In our company are presented both the best brands of geogrids of Russian and foreign manufacturers, and the volume geogrid of our own production of the brand Armogrid!

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Geotextile is a fabric made by a nonwoven needle-punched method of synthetic fibers. There are several basic functions of geotextiles - separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement and protection. Geotextile canvas is widely used in road and civil construction.


Geogrid is a three-dimensional honeycomb structure for reinforcement and stabilization of soils, made of seams welded together, polyethylene tapes. The filler of the geogrid can be gravel, sand or soil.

Geogrid PS

Geogrids polyester - is made of polyester fibers that are impregnated with bituminous composition. It is used to strengthen retaining walls, strengthen asphalt layers of the road, noise shafts, weak shoreline, slopes and slopes, reinforcement of hydraulic structures is also the prerogative of a polymeric geonet.

Geotron is high-strength

Woven geotextile (geotextile high-strength) is a geotextile made as a result of a rectangular interlacing of two or more strands / strips. Geotkani have high strength, low deformability and water permeability.

Geogrid SSNP

The geogrid of SSNP (a grid of glass filament impregnated impregnated) is a roll synthetic material made of stabilized fiberglass impregnated with a complex polymer composition. Geotextiles from fiberglass are used as a reinforcing element for the construction of runways, road structures.

Geogrid flat

The geogrid is a flat - polypropylene material with a rectangular cell, specially designed for construction on weak soils, as well as for use in structures subject to high static and dynamic loads.


Gabions are structures made of a double-twisted mesh with hexagonal cells. Gabion structures are designed to strengthen the banks, the construction of retaining walls, protection from landslides, the formation of channels.

Tape for geogrid

The plastic tape for the geogrid is obtained from the HDPE raw material by extrusion. It is used for strengthening and gardening the coastal zone of canal reservoirs, strengthening channels of small gutters, carrying out landscape works, planting lawns of parks, sports grounds, car parks, construction sites.


Geomembrane is a waterproofing material that completely excludes interpenetration of separated media. The basis of this geosynthetic material are polymers: high or low density polyethylene, flexible polyolefin or flexible polypropylene.


Biomat is a nonwoven or filigree material made of organic fibers, straw and grass mixtures. Typically, the biomass consists of one or two reinforcing layers of non-woven fabric made of natural fibers (in our country, flax is often used) and an inner layer containing grass seeds, fertilizers and other additives.


Geocomposite is a combination of two types of geosynthetics, geotextiles and geogrids, geogrid or geomat. Areas of application of geocomposites are very extensive: horizontal and vertical drainage of building structures, reinforcement of slopes, roads, retaining walls, stabilization of soils, etc.


Prefabricated metal corrugated structures (or SMGK) are particularly in demand when constructing culverts. Such structures are established in the immediate vicinity of the hydro object (having a natural or artificial origin)


Geomat MT (GM3) - is a bulk material, produced in rolls, which has a variety of purposes and structure. Geomat is one of the most effective materials in the anti-erosion protection of slopes in terms of manufacturability and cost of construction.

Pipes made of plastic

Drainage pipes serve to drain excess moisture from the soil, water penetrates the pipe through the water intake openings. Then it is diverted beyond the required area or in special drainage water intake wells.

Bentonite mat

Bentonite mat is a two-layered fabric with an interlayer of sodium bentonite, a natural waterproofing agent, which provides high-quality protection of buildings against moisture.


Spunbond Tekpol Agro non-woven synthetic material is manufactured by the so-called spunbond method of polypropylene - the material is straightened, and then supplemented with dyes, special additives.

Means of protection

There are two types of fencing means - signal and protective ones: signal bars, signal cones and barrier road barriers, water-supply blocks and buffers, signal fence.

Retaining Systems

The slopes of ravines and hills, steep banks of rivers, regularly threatening landslides, tried to strengthen, using for this purpose logs, retaining stone walls and much more. Modern technologies have made it possible to find an excellent solution - the McWull system has emerged from the special approach concrete blocks and geosynthetics.